The Flymasters Freestyle & Race rules may be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Registration time is set and if you are late and miss it you will not be entered (unless you have pre-warned the race director).

In the event of no wind there is no refund of entry fees.


There is no pre-set event program and an information and safety skippers/riders meeting will take place every day to inform riders of the daily program – all riders must attend (a role call will be made).

The race director and head judge will make the decision as to suitability of the conditions as to whether the competition commences or continues and which classes will start.

The Flymasters race committee have the final decision as to which group a rider should compete in.

The Flymasters competition is open to EU residents only.

Rider Responsibility

All riders must be available for photos calls and interviews during the event. If riders do not comply they may be penalised with scores / prizes being withheld.

Riders must use some kind of safely leash (for example: suicide leash) on kites and are obliged to wear an appropriate fitting helmet, body protection is recommended.

Each rider is responsible for making the decision on whether to start or remain in the competition.

It is their sole responsibility (or their guardian if 18 years or under) to take the decision as to compete if they judge conditions to be beyond their skill level.

Each rider is personally liable for any damage to property or injury to a third party, which arises out of their equipment or their actions and has to have a valid liability insurance.

Riders may not enter the competition area, when not competing. If they do so they will receive one warning. A second infringement can result in the rider being disqualified from the competition.

Each rider will perform as an individual, but may be helped to land and launch on the beach, any rider helped while in the competition zone i.e. relaunch of kite, board recovery will be disqualified from heat. Once outside this area kites may be relaunched , boards recovered and riders assisted by third parties.

Any rider must help another rider if they are in danger and they are capable of doing so. A heat may be re-run if it is deemed necessary.


The following competition classes take place during Flymasters:

Freestyle KLB Juniors (< 18 years)
Freestyle KLB Senior Men
Freestyle KLB Women
KLB Race Juniors (<18 years)
KLB Race Senior Men
KLB Race Women
Freestyle Kite Buggy Men

Quantity of riders

A minimum of 3 competitors per class is required to run an official competition class round.

There will be a maximum of 32 people for Freestyle Kitelandboarding, when more riders register, trials will be done.


Any competitor riding dangerously or being verbally abusive will face verbal and or written warnings. Depending on the seriousness of the offence they can face disqualification from the heat, round or event.

Riders will be informed of specifics, alterations or additions to these rules, at the daily skippers / riders meeting – all riders must attend unless there heats have been run and there is no further events for their class.

All start times; heat durations and flag signals will be covered at the daily skippers / riders meeting, if in doubt ask the event organisation.

Visual signals may be accompanied by an acoustic signal, but only the visual signal count.

Each rider will compete as indicated on the scoreboard and shall be solely responsible for competing in the right heat at the right time – however these may change during the day.

If the head judge does not deem a competitor to be up to standard or they are unsafe, they will not be allowed to continue.

Freestyle Judging Format (Kite Land Boarding & Kite Buggy)

Riders will be judged by overall impression of their riding throughout the heat.

Judging will be based upon these 5 catergories.

Style of tricks and how they are pulled off. The control of the trick and smoothness of the take off, trick & landing.

This point if how fluid the hit is, is there connecting tricks, linking multiple tricks with smoothness. It is also if the trick is entered with speed and exited with speed rather than a stop start trick.

How technical the tricks that have been pulled off in the heat are. Are tricks being done standard & switch, switch riding is more technical.

The power that the rider is under while doing the tricks.

How much amplitude/height the rider gets while doing the trick. This is not just about going big, but if the trick is normally a low trick and is done at a higher level, although this trick may not be biggest jump of heat it is the greatest amplitude of the heat.

Crashes/kite-down will be noted.

Riders can only be scored in the competition area and within the length of the heat, for what the judges see, not for what competitors think they have done. Crashed landings will not be scored.

Rights of way

Starboard tack has priority – right hand forward.


When overtaking kites must be raised or lowered accordingly and the upwind rider moves away from the downwind.

Riders may not change course to hinder another rider.

All competitors must keep clear of crashed riders.

No penalties will be given against a rider who collides with another rider who crashes directly in front of them.

Handle Passes

When riders are on the same reach only the rearward downwind rider can pull a handle pass. This is to avoid complications if the front rider transitions without looking if another rider is behind him.

When riders are on opposite reaches only the downwind rider can pull a handle pass. This is to avoid dangerous riding in front of an oncoming rider.

Riders will be penalized if the judges feel there was not enough room for safe execution of the trick.

Allow yourself enough room.

Handle pass leashes and helmets must be worn at all times!

Do not handle pass if in doubt – think safety.

All instructions issued by safety crews on land must be undertaken immediately.

Formats & Equipment

The Flymasters event will have 3 competition formats, freestyle (both Kite Land Boarding and Kite Buggy), progressed through elimination heats (as decided by the race director according to time). And Kite Land Boarding race, preferably long-distance, which can be started in elimination heats (as decided by the race director according to entries, time and beach conditions). The maximum wheel size for Kite Land Boarding race on a mountainboard is 10 inch. When 4 or more races are done, their will be 1 discard. Other competition formats may take place dependent upon conditions and time available, these too will count towards your scores.

Men’s, Female, Junior

The KLB Race veteran class for the 2015 KLBB European Tour will participate in the KLB Race Senior Men class, their EU results will be extruded from this result.

Juniors must be <18 years of age on the 1st of January 2015. Veterans must be >40 years of age on the 1st of January 2015.


You must let a member of the race crew know within 2 mins of end of heat that you wish to make a protest.

Protest must be made to a head judge. The head judge will make a decision on how to proceed, before the next round of competition takes place. At no time should the riders, the competitors or their supporters approach any of the other judges and enter into a discussion.

It was discussed that the focus should be on fair competition and protests are generally few, and the majority of judges are, like the competitors, improving in quality of judging the more they get to perform this task. It was also mentioned that quality judging is something that needs to be developed and should be accepted by the riders and their supporters that at times mistakes will be made, however this should not be an opportunity for riders, or their supporters to verbally attack judges or race director and their decisions as this will simply discourage quality judges from taking up the role.


We will have a core race committee – race director and two head judges.

Drugs / Drinking

If any competitor is deemed to be under the influence by the start of competition after the night before they will not be allowed to compete.

No drinking or taking of other substances are allowed during the day until competition is called off for the day. Any rider caught will not be allowed to compete without refund of entrance fees paid.

This will be at the discretion of the race committee.

It should be noted by all riders that for insurance reasons the head judge is liable for any incidences that may occur at any time during the competition. In the event of an injury to a third party, whether another competitor or member of the public/race crew, legal proceedings may be taken against the race organisers for negligence , etc.

Results & Prize giving

Approx. 1/2 hour at the end of comps or at time announced / posted on the official notice board – all riders to attend.